Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Class Meeting (SOL18 #28)

I hate them. 
Every time I see one my students cry, it's breaks my heart. Today was no different. 
Feelings were hurt. Students chose to laugh instead of be kind. They forgot about fifth grade hallway behavior. They did not treat each other like teammates.They knew the right thing to do, but did the opposite. 
It happens. Kids need to make mistakes in order to learn. I know that, and I make sure that they know that as well. Mistakes happen, but it's what you learn after the mistake that counts. 
I have two goals for each of my kiddos every year. 

Goal #1 is that they start to believe in themselves and realize that they are capable of ANYTHING. 

Goal #2 is that they become good people who treat others with kindness and dignity. 

After the tears, we had a class meeting. We talked about problems that they were seeing, but more importantly, we discussed solutions as a whole group. As much as I hate tears, I love student led discussions as problem solvers. I love to see them figure it all out and build their confidence while sharing their thoughts. I love to see their hearts as they talk about things they would like to change to make their classroom a better, more safe learning environment.

As much as it stinks to have a day where feelings get hurt and poor choices are made, I am proud of the people that my students are becoming. 

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