Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Class Meeting (SOL18 #28)

I hate them. 
Every time I see one my students cry, it's breaks my heart. Today was no different. 
Feelings were hurt. Students chose to laugh instead of be kind. They forgot about fifth grade hallway behavior. They did not treat each other like teammates.They knew the right thing to do, but did the opposite. 
It happens. Kids need to make mistakes in order to learn. I know that, and I make sure that they know that as well. Mistakes happen, but it's what you learn after the mistake that counts. 
I have two goals for each of my kiddos every year. 

Goal #1 is that they start to believe in themselves and realize that they are capable of ANYTHING. 

Goal #2 is that they become good people who treat others with kindness and dignity. 

After the tears, we had a class meeting. We talked about problems that they were seeing, but more importantly, we discussed solutions as a whole group. As much as I hate tears, I love student led discussions as problem solvers. I love to see them figure it all out and build their confidence while sharing their thoughts. I love to see their hearts as they talk about things they would like to change to make their classroom a better, more safe learning environment.

As much as it stinks to have a day where feelings get hurt and poor choices are made, I am proud of the people that my students are becoming. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pizza? (SOL18 #27)

I miss pizza. 
I really miss pizza.

As my husband and I started our low carb diet in January we are discovering all those once familiar foods that are just no longer possible without going over that carb limit. Cheating is not option, so we steered clear of all the tempting high carb eats. 

However, like I said... I really miss pizza. 

Determined to find a replacement, I took to my Googler. It turns out Lou Malnati's, a pizza place in the Chicagoland area, has a crustless deep dish pizza. While kind of like the pizza I missed, this concoction seemed to satisfy our taste for a greasy piece of Italian goodness. For a while anyway. 
But truly, I still missed the cracker style thin crust pizza that reminded me of our weekly family pizza night that happened every Friday while I was growing up.

Back to the Googler. 
Insert "Fat Head Pizza." I read blog post after blog post about lives changed from this low-carb masterpiece that mimicked a thin crust pizza. Since I missed pizza so much, I decided to make my own dough (ugh) and try it out. 
After a couple of tries, I think I have perfected it. A crispy, crunchy, low carb pizza that officially satisfied the craving.Thank you to the amazing individual who tried putting together mozzarella cheese, almond flour, egg, and bit of cream cheese to make a dough that would ultimately create a delicious pizza. You have made pizza and movie night MUCH better.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Blink Blink Blink (SOL18 #26)

I've been sitting here for a while watching the text cursor blink on my screen for about an hour. 
Blink. Blink. Blink. 
It's like it's mocking me and my lack of ideas today. 
Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I will be more observant and find that small moment to write about. Tomorrow the text cursor will be flying across the screen as my words are typed. Yep, tomorrow will be better. But tonight I'll continue to watch that blinking text cursor.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Refocus (SOL18 #24)

I've been feeling a little down lately. Nothing major is going on, but I've just felt like I've been in a funk. In order to de-funkify... I am going to list 10 things in my life that I am grateful for. Hopefully this will refocus me, and get me headed in the right direction. **These are in no particular order** 

-Blake, Jack, & Leah- My nephews and niece are a light in my life. Full of personality and spunk they keep me on my toes and my heart full. 

-My job. Although never easy, working with my students each day give me such joy and purpose. They teach me more than I could ever teach them, and I know that I wouldn't want to do anything else.

-We are finally tackling the bathroom. Ever since the day we moved in I hated our master bathroom. It was livable, but nothing close to what it could be. We are finally in a place physically and financially where we can make it the bathroom of our dreams.

-My husband. There is so much about this person that I can be grateful for. Most of all I am so blessed that I am married to my best friend. 

-Spring. It's trying so hard to come. I know the warmer temperatures are just around the corner. I can just feel it. 

-Netflix. I love the fact that I can pull up old series' that I used to watch and just have them on in the background when I need some noise. 

-Making a lifestyle change. At the beginning of the year my husband and I decided that we were going to make some changes to become healthier in the new year. Most drop their resolutions, but ours is still going strong. So far I'm down 20 and he's down 13 pounds and we are both feeling better than we have in years. 

-A scrapper came today and took the broken pieces of cast iron tub from the front of our house. This was a huge relief because I did not want to have to figure out how to get rid of those heavy pieces. 

-My perpetually happy pup. Just one look and snuggle from her can make my day better. 

My supportive friends and family who cheer me on in all I do, and support me when I need it most. 

I truly have so much to be grateful for.

Friday, March 23, 2018

A Big Heavy Problem (SOL18 #23)

My husband and I just began the renovation process on our master bathroom. After a whirlwind of demolition on Tuesday we ended the day with one big, heavy problem. The old cast iron tub. 

After doing what I do best...googling of course, I found that most people break a cast iron tub apart to get it out of the house without breaking their backs trying to carry it out. My husband on the other hand had different a different plan. Since the tub was still in pretty good condition, he was determined to take the tub out in one piece. 

Days of discussion followed. I presented my side, he said, "I think we can just get some of my friends over and get it out in one piece." Back and forth we went. I presented logical arguments calmly, and he listened, but still wanted to do it the way that would give the tub a chance at a new life. (He has such a good heart.) 

I don't win often, but I won tonight.  

Goodbye, old tub. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Force (SOL 18 #22)

I don't print often, but it seems when I do, my printing capabilities fail. 
Over the last couple of days I have been communicating with our friendly IT guy through the district help desk. After a few notes back and forth the next step would be for him to remote into my laptop to try and solve the problem from the comfort of his own office. I agreed, of course, because I really do need to print a permission slip. 

I saw my mouse begin moving across the screen as he tried to work his magic. I'm not going to lie, it was a little unnerving to watch someone else maneuver around my computer. 
I called one of my iSWAT students (Student Willing to Assist with Technology) over to see what was happening. I thought she would be interested in watching along with me. 
Once one student started watching, I suddenly had a crowd around me. I decided it would be fun to play a little game with them. I look at one of the kiddos and said, "Look E, no hands!" 
His jaw dropped. "How did you do that?" 
I shrugged. He got the attention of one of his friends.
"Look A, she's moving her mouse with the force." 

The force. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scope of Expertise (SOL18 #20)

I consider myself to be a fairly educated person. 
I have a Bachelor's Degree as a Learning and Behavior Specialist. I also have my Master's Degree in Differentiated Instruction.I know that I am educated.
However over the last couple of days I have been thinking about how "educated" I am. My husband knows what to do, and how to solve problems beyond his scope of expertise. He can stare at a wall/situation and figure out how to solve the problem. Truly, it's amazing. I am beyond grateful to continue to learn from him each day. My "scope of expertise" would not be as nearly as helpful as anything my husband brings to the table.

I am so lucky I have him.