Friday, March 25, 2016

Video Games (SOL16 #25)

I've never been much into video games. I try, but I'm really just not that strategic and competitive. For my husband's birthday I bought him a fancy game system with Star Wars Battlefront. I thought he'd play it in his spare time (specifically when I'm not around) and eventually it would get old. Well one month in, it hasn't gotten old.

In fact, never did I imagine that this crazy game would become such a presence in our home. Since it's a fancy pants game system he is able to play online. My brother-in-law, who also has the game, encouraged Phil to start playing with him online. That was a game changer. (A little pun intended) Now they hang out "virtually" while gaming. They talk to each other through headsets and team up to take on the Imperials. While kind of cute, it's become quite a serious thing. Hours go by before they sign off, ready to take on the next round of Imperials the following day. Now, these are grown men and I do know that the video game has not taken over their lives, but I wonder how much longer we will be continuing the daily battles. Fingers crossed it will dissipate soon because I am learning entirely too much about Star Wars. 


  1. It's a crazy world in video game land, isn't it? When my sons were home (now in their 20's), they would play with their friends (online) and I just couldn't get it. Sitting down one day to fully understand it all, I realized why they came to love gaming. The competition, friends, conversation, fantasy lands, new levels of increasing difficulty and you don't need to be an athlete to win at these games. We compared it to the books I wanted my kids to get hooked on in school - they needed to have this same draw. A realistic post - thank you for writing, Katie. :-)

  2. As someone who doesn't play video games, on or offline, I think the only thing I can relate it to is getting lost in a book, with a friend by your side.