Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting Back My Readerly Life (SOL16 #18)

For two years I moonlighted as grad student getting my Masters in Differentiated Instruction. All of my classes were online and required a great deal of reading, writing, and discussion posts. As a student again I read countless books, articles, websites, and academic papers.  It was a fantastic experience but I am glad that it's over. My life became was consumed by work, and reading about teaching. There wasn't much time for anything else. 
I promised myself after finishing school that life would go back to normal and I would begin devouring books again. Well... 9 months later I am still not reading for pleasure. I keep telling myself that it's just a break, but the longer I am taking off the worse I feel about it.  I'm realizing that it's hard for me to be a great reading teacher without walking the walk and reading for pleasure myself. When I took on this blogging challenge I did so because I knew it would help me to become a better teacher and to share ideas with other educators. Now I need to take on the challenge of re-building that readerly life to be a better teacher for my amazing students.  

So, now I close out of blogging and will open a book. 


  1. Maybe start with a mindless, quick read? I enjoyed Divorce Party and Eight Hundred Grapes, both by Laura Dave.

  2. The same thing happened to me when I went to grad school. When it was over, I had all this free time, but had lost the old rhythm of how I used to use it. It took me some time to et that rhythm back. What did you decide to read?

  3. Three things I love about this post:
    1. use of the word "moonlighted"
    2. your last line
    3. the reading books part

    Grad school will definitely do that to you - I'm so glad you're baaaaaack to the real fun of books!