Friday, March 11, 2016

They're ALL coming... (SOL16 #11)

Each year my husband and I host a St. Patrick's Day dinner for all of our family members. I love hosting this holiday because I am proud to share my Irish heritage, and am quite excellent at making corned beef and cabbage. 
As we planned for this year it seemed as though the guest list kept growing. Between new members being married into our family and new children, the amount of people invited was starting to look higher than I thought it would be. 
I sat with Phil and sent out the invites on Facebook. By the end of the process the guest list was up to twenty-two people. We hit "send" and waited for the RSVPs to come in. Surely everyone wouldn't be able to come. Maybe people had plans.

One by one....
"Of course. What can we bring?"
"I'm coming with the husband and kids." 
And so on. 

Twenty-two people in my tiny house

More importantly... enough corned beef and cabbage for twenty-two people in my tiny house...

What did I get myself into?


  1. Sounds like you got yourself into a memorable time of fun with family. I hope all goes well with your gathering. ;)

  2. Make that 23. I want to come.

    I just found your blog today! Great job!!! I added you to my blog roll!

  3. 22 people and lots of love! So cook Katie - have a fun time!

  4. What fun! Enjoy the comeraderie!