Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ten Things About Me as a Teacher (SOL16 #24)

10. I've always wanted to be a teacher, but my decision was finalized when my father was sick and eventually passed away. My teachers were an amazing support system for me, and I wanted to be the same for my students. 

9. I went to Illinois State University because they have the highest rated teaching program in my speciality in the state. I also liked the distance away from home. 

8. I have very high expectations for my students. I know that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to, and I don't want them to settle. 

7. I truly believe in differentiation. All students should be able to access curriculum in a way that appeals to them, and have opportunities to explore their interests while in school. 

6. I can be a little disorganized, especially with paper. I am far more organized with electronic documents. Being able to search sure helps! 

5. I love to incorporate technology into a lesson whenever possible. It engages students, and allows for students to create. 

4. My favorite subject to teach is math. My goal is to change hesitant students into mathematicians. My least favorite subject to teach is science. I'm just not a fan of the content.

3. I hate days when I am not in the classroom. I feel like I miss out on so much. I don't like being out of the loop. 

2. I love to be a teacher sponsor for clubs after school. I learn more about my students outside of the classroom, and get to see how they interact with their peers in a non-academic setting.

1. I see creating a classroom community as one of my highest priorities. No real learning can happen if students do not feel comfortable, supported, or like they are an important part of the group. 

(This was the best i could do with a bunch of cold medicine in my system. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.)


  1. You've compiled a wonderful list - it is good to identify things about yourself even just for yourself.
    Now... about that science phobia.... remember what you said about your math phobics... hmmm. Maybe you could get an enthusiastic science student to help you out with dealing with your excitement about science!

  2. "I can be a little disorganized, especially with paper. I am far more organized with electronic documents."

    I am so with you! My actual desk is piled with papers because I am a stacker. My virtual desktop is neat and organized, everything in a folder. I am not certain why there is such a divergence .