Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Opposites... but definitely related. (SOL16 #2)

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Ever since we were little, I have always looked up to big brother. He didn't necessarily know that because all we seemed to do was bicker. But truly, all I wanted was to be accepted by him and be more like him. My brother T.J. was fiercely independent and confident, while I was tentative and always looked to my family and friends for encouragement. He was naturally talented at sports, while I had to work really hard to be coordinated and not look silly while playing basketball and softball. 

We are only two years apart and therefore spent lots of time in the same schools. He avoided me like the plague, and I would gush to my friends that the talented athlete and cool guy was my big brother. While in high school we were both very involved with sports and extracurricular activities. Due to our involvement at school we had very similar schedules. Early morning practices and meetings were the norm, and since he had a parking pass, T.J. was stuck driving me to school. According to him, it was a fate worse than death. To ensure that there would be no extra bonding on the five minute car ride to school he created the one rule in his 1991 Dodge Daytona hatchback. No talking! That meant me of course. 

One early morning while we were driving to practice(the sun was not even up yet), the song "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen came on the radio. The music was blaring, to ensure that there would be no talking. Without even noticing, we both started bobbing our heads to the beat of the song. 

Something made us glance over at each other at the exact same time. A look of sheer horror filled his face when he saw he was doing the same thing as his sister. Our heads immediately stopped moving.

I had to break the one rule of the Daytona... 
"Looks like we are related." A small smile appeared on his face. 

We still don't speak of that moment to this day. 


  1. I love this slice! I can't believe the rule he made...but, I am the oldest sibling so I can kinda see how it happens : / I'm so glad for the time you broke the rule in your sweet ride!

  2. He will find out that you shared this here. It will happen. I know from experience...