Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Mom (SOL16 #9)

Bunnie (my mother's name)

Beautiful person inside and out. 
Her smile lights up a room and could brighten anyone's day. One look in your direction and she makes you feel like the most important person in her world. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but her personality is that of the most giving people I know. She would give until she had nothing left if it would make someone else's life better. 

Throughout my whole life I have watched my mother encounter more challenges than anyone should have to face. She has been the perfect example of how to handle those situations with courage and grace. She took on the role of caretaker for her parents, mother-in-law, brother, and my father while they were sick. Even as they were facing death, she remained strong for them, as well as my brother and me. Her courage showed me and continues to show me that you can handle all that life throws at you. 

My mother often serves as the neutral party in the middle of both of her strong children when we have our disagreements. She remains neutral and supportive of both of us, even when all we want is for her to take a side. Her strong belief in family helps her to stay impartial, all while supporting us in figuring out how to move forward. 

She is always with me. Whether we are physically together, talking on the phone, or I can hear her voice with advice she has given me when I am making a decision. I can't escape her, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I talk to my mom every day and look forward to our conversations. Some are serious, some are goofy. But I cherish every conversation I have with her. She is the best friend I could ask for. 

Although she never attended college, I have learned more from my mother than anyone I know. She taught me how to run a household, cook, take care of people I love, and to be a good person. She showed me that life was more than just having degrees. Even though she did not go to college, she did place a huge emphasis on education. She encouraged me throughout all 18 years of schooling and was my biggest cheerleader as I advanced with my degrees. She wanted me to have all that she didn't, and helped me to achieve more than I thought I could.

She could cry at a moment's notice. She hears the National Anthem...cries. Firetrucks at the 4th of July parade... tears. Graduation ceremonies...her eyes well up. Her children announce good news... balling her eyes out. Being so emotional about everything shows how deeply she feels. Little things seem to affect her because she cares so much. She's not embarrassed by it either. Another piece that makes me admire her so much. 

Truly, I don't know where I would be without my mother. She is my best friend, greatest role model a girl could ask for, and I love her for more than words can say. 


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mom! The character traits that you selected for her, and your explanations of those traits are well done. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a tribute! I hope you have sent her the link or a copy of this! As Ellen said, great examples to illustrate the traits!

  3. Your mom will love reading this! What a terrific way to honor her. I loved reading about this amazing woman and the pictures added to it for sure!

  4. Your mom will love reading this! What a terrific way to honor her. I loved reading about this amazing woman and the pictures added to it for sure!

  5. I love how your writing takes new forms every day! What a lovely piece to honor a wonderful person. I can see why she is your best friend!