Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dog Mom Guilt (SOL16 #17)

I pull into the driveway and get out of the car. I don't waste time because I know what is awaiting me. As soon as I open the screen door and my key turns I hear it. Paws barreling down the stairs and the jumping up and down behind the door. Upon opening the door she immediately darts away to find her toy with the obnoxious high pitched squeaker.

It never fails. Every day Maiden and I share the same sequence. She is overcome with joy, where I feel guilt. All she wants in the whole world is to have her two favorite humans home with her each day. Alas, these two humans must work. Someone has to pay for the dog bones and squeaky toys. 


  1. How can anyone not feel guilty after seeing that face with the squeaky toy? I never enjoy leaving my dog behind while I am at work.

  2. Whether you have a dog child or human child, the guilt is real! Spring Break is almost here!

    1. I was telling Phil about this post yesterday and told him that when we have kids it's going to be a whole lot worse.