Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wheel of Fortune (SOL17 #9)

My mom came over to visit the other night and insisted on watching the news. I usually don't watch the news because I prefer to read rather than watch the local news channel. So while she watched, I started dinner in the kitchen. 

Right after the local news is over, Wheel of Fortune comes on. We used to watch Wheel of Fortune every night while I was growing up. I used to love to try and solve the puzzles all while admiring Vanna's beautiful dresses. All the familiar sounds from the show echoed throughout my house. The clicking of the wheel as the contestant gave it a spin, the distinct beeping sound when a wrong letter is guessed, and of course the DING DING DING when the contestant guesses the right letter. 

The person who was playing that evening must have been on a roll because I just kept hearing the DINGs over and over. Unfortunately, so did my dog. My best guess is that the DING sound is very similar to a doorbell sound. With each additional DING, the dog would run and lunge at the door barking her little head off. Doorbells and dogs obviously do not mix. 

However after having our dog for five years I wonder if my dog will ever figure out that we do not in fact have a doorbell and that she is barking for no reason!

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  1. Sounds like a fun evening. I love how you describe the happenings in the show and how you make the connection with your childhood memories. How funny of a dog! Pets can be odd, in a fun sense :-) I have a cat who dashes to hide under the couch as soon as she hears rain, as if she is not already inside when the rain starts!