Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Using Mindful Moments to Appreciate my Students (SOL17 #22)

This month we are doing a PBIS Focus on mindfulness. Our students have been practicing the ABC's of mindfulness (awareness, balance, and compassion). This morning we had our students brainstorm a list of at least five things that they like about themselves in order to show some compassion to themselves. It was harder than they thought. As they were brainstorming their list, a slice was born! I decided to challenge myself to come up with something that I appreciate about each student in my class. Here goes... 

E.A.D- You say something every day that makes me smile. I appreciate your willingness to participate and take risks in our classroom. 

D.B- You are a leader. Like it or not, people look to you and want to emulate you. Be sure to always use those leadership skills for good. 

O.C.- Your excitement about learning is contagious! I love that you are willing to share when you've learned something new. 

O.D.- Your carefree attitude is something that I wish I had. You never take yourself too seriously and aren't afraid to have fun. 

A.E.- You are hands down when of the happiest people I have ever met. Your constant cheerful attitude makes others happy to be around you. 

N.F.- Your leadership in our classroom has blossomed this year. You make others around you want to work harder and be the best version of themselves. 

Je.G.- You are such a good storyteller. I look forward to our morning chats where you tell me a story about your night or about a new acquisition to your coin collection.

S.G.- I love that you ask me each day if it's time to start math. You have grown so much this year as a mathematician. Your growth mindset has helped you to stick with concepts, even when they are hard. 

Ja.G.- You are so helpful and kind. Whether it be other students in the classroom or teachers, you are a go-to guy. Thanks for always being willing to lend a helping hand. 

C.M.- You notice EVERYTHING. I love it! Your ability to notice and remember things will help you through school and in life. I also like that you notice when your classmates need help and jump at the chance to support them. 

M.O.- You always put forth outstanding effort in everything you do. I never have to tell you to put your all into anything, because you do that without being asked! This amazing quality to have.  

A.O.- Your smile can brighten a whole room. You can make someone's day by just smiling at them. 

Z.P.- Your natural drive to learn makes you so fun to teach. Your determination will take you so incredibly far in life. 

A.P- There aren't many students that can make me break my poker face, but you are definitely one of them. Your sense of humor makes teaching you an adventure. 

X.R.- Your optimism inspires me. Even when life is hard you maintain a positive attitude. Keep smiling and trying your best. 

K.R.- You are such a happy girl! I have never seen you in a bad mood, and your positivity spreads on to all around you. 

T.S.- I love that you don't take yourself too seriously. You also aren't afraid to stick up for yourself and your friends. You teach more more about how to be a good teacher every day. 

K.T.- You are such an incredible writer. I love to see your personality and wit come through in your writing! 

A.T.- Your quiet leadership does not go unnoticed in this class. You are always ready to take on a challenge and not afraid to go above and beyond. 

L.V.S.- You never give up! Your resilience and hard work make you a fun student to teach. I also love your positive attitude! 


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    1. Thanks! It was good to think about each individual kiddo and come up with something unique about them.

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