Sunday, March 19, 2017

6 Things (SOL17 #19)

Today I spent the day with my family celebrating my niece's 6th birthday. In her honor I am going to write about the six things that I most adore about her. 

6- The way she intently listens to anyone who talks to her. Leah can carry on a conversation with anyone, but what always amazes me is her ability to truly listen. When her big blue eyes are focused on you, you can tell she's listening with her whole heart. 

5-Her bravery. For only being six, Leah is one brave little girl. She is always willing to try something once, just to see if she likes it. "It doesn't hurt to try," is a phrase I hear coming out of this wise little girl's mouth on a regular basis. From jumping off a boat into the middle of a lake, to trying tacos made out of cow tongue, Leah is fearless.

4- The way she treats her family. She is the youngest in her family and worships her parents and older brother. She encourages them and is supportive in whatever they do. Today she got a tablet for her birthday and immediately said, "Jack (her brother) can use it whenever he wants. I don't mind." Instead of becoming immediately territorial over her new toy, she began to share right away. 

3- Her silliness. Leah loves to make people laugh and performs on a daily basis. Whether it be singing, dancing, or trying out a new move she learned in jiu jitsu, Leah will perform with a lightness about it, never taking herself too seriously. 

2-Her love for animals. She lights up whenever she sees any type of animal and immediately wants to name it, and learn more about it. She will sit right in front of my dog and just let her lick her face while giggling hysterically. 

1- She is a beautiful girl inside and out. Her blonde hair, big blue eyes, and radiant smile can melt even the coldest heart, but her heart is equally as beautiful. She deeply cares for others and isn't afraid to show it. 

I am so blessed to be able to watch this incredible little girl grow up. Happy Birthday Sweet Leah! `


  1. What a beautiful way to honor your niece's birthday! This slice will something that she will cherish!

  2. What a birthday present! Not many 6 year old's can go to school and say they've had a blog written about them! What a beautiful gift!

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

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