Friday, March 10, 2017

Waverunner (SOL17 #10)

It was two days before we got married. My mind was all over the place. Place settings, flowers, center pieces, DJ, chair covers or no chair covers... ALL over the place. Phil said, "Hey, lets go for a ride to get your mind off of everything!" I got in the car and welcomed the distraction. 

While I thought we were just going for a car ride, Phil had a whole different plan. As we pulled into the parking lot I had a feeling that I was in trouble. We walked in the store and looked at all the motor cycles, dirt bikes, wave-runners, and four wheelers. It was his paradise, and my nightmare. He gravitated toward the WaveRunners. An obvious choice since we don't live on or near a lake. 

"We should get one for a wedding present to ourselves," he told me. "You have got to be kidding! What on earth are we going to do with a WaveRunner?" He pointed out that we go to Minnesota to our lake house every summer and that would be a perfect place to bring this new toy. We could also try it out in Lake Michigan. He continued listing all the ways that we could use the WaveRunner while living in the suburbs and I continued to get more and more anxious about the decision. My mind was on the wedding that we were paying for in two days, but his mind was made up on this purchase. 

So about an hour later we walked out with the paperwork. We were the proud owners of a Yamaha WaveRunner. Phil was probably more proud, I had a stomachache thinking about how much money I was about to be spending. This just goes to show that he can convince me of ANYTHING. 

Here is a picture of Phil right after we put the WaveRunner into the lake for the first time. He was one happy camper! 

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