Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sleep, glorious sleep! (SOL19 #12)

In the past few months I have been waking up pretty tired. This even happens after I go to bed early. Earlier than a lot of my students in fact. Still. So. Tired. Coffee wasn’t helping. It’s been rough.
I started to do some research about ways that I can improve my sleep. 

There was lots about using meditation and deep breathing. I downloaded the Calm App using their free premium subscription for teachers (try it out by clicking this link). I’m still working on shutting off my mind, but I’m sure that will come with some more practice. For the last two weeks I have I used a different mediation or breathing technique to unwind before bed. I’m still working on shutting off my mind, but I’m sure that will come with some more practice.

I also read about how weighted blankets can help with anxiety and getting a good night’s sleep. After a lot of back and forth along with hours reading countless reviews I decided to order one on Amazon. It has taken some getting used to, specifically not fighting the weight, but embracing it.  However I think I may have struck gold. The combination of meditation and my SUPER heavy blanket made such a difference. 
Turns out Maiden is enjoying the blanket as well.

This morning I awoke with the weight of the 20 pound blanket over me and realized that didn’t wake up once last night. No tossing and turning. No water breaks. No bathroom breaks. No pacing the house. My alarm went off, and I hit snooze. Not because I was still tired, but because I was so comfortable. I turned on the news, cozy under the slight pressure of the new blanket. The added weight helped me to feel this sense of calm that I have not felt in a while. Maybe a little too calm, but I’ll take that over feeling exhausted any day. 
We made it with a few minutes to spare! 

Now to figure out how to get out from under the blanket after a great night’s sleep. 


  1. Not being able to sleep or not feeling rested really sucks. I hate it. I'm glad you are finding things that are helping!

  2. I love my weighted blanket! So glad you found something that works for you!

  3. Oh wow. I haven't tried the blanket yet.... but your report is tempting me. There is nothing like a good sleep to give you energy for the day.

  4. My sister just got these for her kiddos and after reading your post, I want one too. I'm a good sleeper, but I do wake up at least once every night and it bugs me!!

    1. It's worth it! I have been waking up multiple times, the last two nights... nothing!