Thursday, March 21, 2019

Morning Routines (SOL19 #21)

5:00 AM

How is it already 5:00 AM? The sound of the alarm goes off on my phone on the nightstand. I listen for the comforting sound of the coffeemaker coming to life in the kitchen. The smell then begins to permeate the house. I breathe a sigh of relief once I can know that the pot is in fact brewing. I drift back to sleep until the second alarm goes off. 

5:15 AM.

I yank the covers off and slowly descend down the stairs. The cups are sitting out, ready to go. I am so grateful that he didn’t forget to set the delay on the coffeemaker AND that he had the cups out, ready to go. I make the two cups, creamer & coffee, then bring them back upstairs. 

I place each cup noisily on the nightstand. I fiddle for the light switch, turn on the bedside lamp and jump back into the bed. Click. TVs on. Time for the news.  I glance to my left and see him still sleeping.

“I brought you coffee. Don’t you want to have coffee with me?” 
He groans. “Thank you. In a little bit.” 
“Gosh, it would be so nice to have coffee with you this morning.”
“Whoa. Did you see that?” 
“I can’t believe it’s still so cold.” 
"What a funny video! Phil, look!" 

Every morning the ritual is the same. I get the coffee and make as much noise as possible until he wakes up and hangs out with me before I go to work. No sleeping in on my watch.
Recently my husband has started working from home full time. He starts at 9:15, and calls the time that I leave for work his “morning reflection time.” 
Morning reflection time means- stay in bed, turn on a movie, and rest until he is feeling mentally and physically ready to make the trek across the hall to the home office. 
I call it unfair.
Thus, I have started my ever important Suomi morning coffee time.Wake up early, watch the news, and drink our morning cup of joe together. No excuses. 

I'm surprised he still likes me. My husband has the patience of a saint. 


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