Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A Great New Store (SOL19 #19)

“Mrs. Suomi! I went to a great new store yesterday that I think you would really like!” 
Really? I love to shop. What store is it?” 
The student grinned with excitement. “It’s this store called Barnes & Noble?” The inflection at the end of his sentence let me know that he wasn’t completely sure of the name of the store. “It was GREAT! They have all sorts of books and other things too. I think you would really like it.” 
“Books you say? Oh wow! I will have to check it out.” I smiled back and thanked him for the recommendation. 

Now of course I have heard of Barnes and Noble, but it made my day that he was so excited about visiting a store that houses so many books. I told my husband about this exchange later on that evening and he was surprised that the student had never heard of Barnes & Noble. I had to point out to him that many of those brick and mortar stores that are so familiar to us have been closing over the course of his young life. It’s strange that those common experiences like browsing through a book store are changing to the swipe of a finger. 


  1. How great to have a student so excited by a book shop. I hope he buys a few!

  2. Terrific that your student was so excited to share about a book store. Clearly you have made it know how much you love books and would LOVE to visit a book store as well.