Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Facetime Session (SOL19 #13)

I took out my phone and hit the FaceTime button to call my mom knowing full well she was not the person I was intending on talking to.
“So, where is he, Granny!?” 
Giggles erupt from the other side of the room. He runs full speed toward the screen. 
“Hello, handsome boy!” The smile exploded across his little face. 
“Where Uncle Bill?” (He can’t quite say the Phil yet.) 
Phil motioned to me on the other couch and mouthed I’m not here. He has no idea how lucky he is that this two year old WANTS to talk with him over FaceTime. 
“I don’t know? Where is he?” 
“He playing.” 
Huh, didn’t see that response coming. “Blake, what is he playing?” 
“Numbers.” (He answered so matter of factly that it made it seem like it was a ridiculous question.) 
“Where Maiden?” He loves our dog. I secretly wished that he wanted to see me on FaceTime as much as he wanted to see his uncle and my dog. 
“She’s right here.” I turned the camera to face my dog who was making groaning noises on the ground. “Maiiiiiiiiden!” 
Immediately the dog started to bark and lunged for her large stuffed hotdog. (She recently stopped pulling all the stuffing out of her MANY toys. We are elated.) 
“What that?” 
“It’s her hot dog, buddy!” 
“She need a fork.”

I love our FaceTime sessions. 


  1. Face time is an amazing addition to our lives. I have many friends who get to communicate with their grandkids in a way that was never an option when we were kids!

  2. That's so awesome. Great read. It's an interesting thing to consider - how grandparents and the like are now going to be super tech savvy. It's such a game changer. Cool Slice.

  3. Your post has me longing for the time when my grandbaby of 21 months will actually talk to me (instead of babble) on Google Hang Out, Katie. Right now she is intrigued with seeing tiny faces on a screen and listening to the voices. One word she does know is No. Last GHO. "Do you want to talk with Grandma?" "No," but she did peak at me. She was too busy with her playtime. LOL

  4. This is SO cute! How precious to share moments like this even when you can't be there in person. :)

  5. Such a sweet post! I'm sure that your nephew wanted to talk to you as well! I remember those days when my nephews actually wanted to interact with their aunt and uncle on the phone. Now I can't get them to even respond to a text! How wonderful that we have this technology to actually see their sweet faces!