Monday, March 4, 2019

New Soundtrack for Fortnite (SOL19 #4)

My husband has recently started playing Fortnite on the PS4 with my brother-in-law and 11 year old nephew. They have marathon gaming sessions together complete with headsets (microphone included), strategy planning, and lots of laughing. On this particular night the other players took a dinner break but Phil continued playing. He was doing pretty well, better than usual and was one of the last 12 people left in the battle. Since his teammates were on a dinner break, Phil took his headphones off until he saw or heard that they returned. 

All of a sudden we hear it. Singing coming through the speakers of the tv. It was pretty loud, but we couldn’t quite tell what he was being sung. I grabbed my phone and recorded the exchange and sent it to my sister in law on Snapchat with the caption “New soundtrack for Fortnite!”  My nephew continued to sing completely unaware that he was putting on a show for his amused aunt and uncle. 

In the background we heard his mom call for him and then uncontrollable laughter. 
“YOU COULD HEAR ME?!” The giggles continued and included more laughing from his little sister. 
“Yep. I was doing pretty well in the battle while listening to your beautiful singing voice.” 

I’m so glad I captured this and will always have the video evidence! 


  1. Oh, it's so humbling for an 11 year old to be embarrassed by his own actions rather than by his parents. Take this one as a win!

  2. This was amusing. And now the entertaining moment is captured both on a phone recording and as a slice on a blog.

  3. So cool that your hubby has a passion for Fortnite.

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