Friday, March 16, 2018

Our new lamps (SOL18 #16)

My husband doesn't like to spend money on things that I like to spend money on. I love to buy things for the house in the hopes of making it a warm and inviting space. Phil, on the other hand, would prefer to buy power tools and parts for his car or dirt bike. Sometimes, I do get my way though. And sometimes when I get my way, he will find a way to make me regret it. 
Enter our brand new nightstand lamps. 

I had been looking for a set of new lamps to go on our recently purchased night stands. The overhead lights just were not working for us anymore and I thought a pair of lamps would work perfectly and make the room look more put together. 

On a Sunday we were walking around Costco when I spotted them. A matching set of table lamps that went with our space and were a reasonable price. An added bonus... they turn on by just tapping the base of the lamp. "These are the ones." 
"Do we really need them? Maybe we could find something better somewhere else." Of course he had objections. 
Nope. He wasn't getting out of this one. 
I won.

The first day was great. We brought them home and they looked perfect. The tapping function was awesome and I was on cloud nine. Fast forward to day 2. We got home from work to see that one of the lights was on. Did the dog do it? No way. Instead of assuming something crazy like our dog turning on lights while we were at work, I decided to just chalk it up to a power surge or something. 

Then it happened again. This time in the middle of the night...
Phil's light turned on. He turned it off, and not even 5 minutes later it turned back on. 
"Wow, Katie. These are great lights." 

The saga continues...


  1. Hah! Best laid plans . . . I can imagine your hubby's continued exasperation with your recent purchase, as mine would have a similar response!

  2. Sooo creepy! Gotta love that Costco.

  3. I started laughing out loud as I read your post. It's just disappointing when you pick something and it doesn't turn out the way you want! In his head he probably chalked it up for a win lol I know David would!