Friday, March 9, 2018

All worth it! (SOL18 #9)

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

It's amazing what hearing those words will do when you have gone out of your way to be helpful. I am a person who will do anything to help anyone. I give and give until I have nothing left, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Last night was one of those nights where I gave until I had nothing left. 

Really... Nothing. 

My husband needed help on a project that he was put on for work. Long, boring story short, he needed a person to read off a WHOLE lot of numbers and information to him. Though not my idea of a fun night, I agreed to help because I would do anything for him. So there I sat reading these numbers to him. At first I was able to multi-task and took some time to comment on blogs while reading off the numbers with few mistakes. As the minutes turned to hours, I lost my ability to multitask and I began to nod off to my new strange lullaby; the sound of his fingers hitting the keyboard. With every forceful tap of "enter" I would awake and give him the next number. It seemed as though this list would NEVER end. My eyes watered up staring at the bright screen. I looked in the corner of the laptop and saw the time, 11:45. I hadn't seen 11:45 since New Years Eve. I certainly hadn't planned to see anything past 11 on a school night.

But I couldn't leave him hanging. He needed my help, and as I said, I give until I have nothing left. 
Finally as we hit the last row of data to be entered, I closed my computer and began to get the coffeemaker ready to make an extremely strong cup for the next morning. That's when I heard it... 

"I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you." 

All worth it. 


  1. Nice! It's funny how during the task it seems to take so long, but then as soon as the click of the computer and the kind words set in, it seems not that bad. Love the ending! worth it.

  2. I bet he was beyond grateful that you did that for him! You always do so much for others- it doesn't go unnoticed. I love how you said you haven't seen 11:45 since NYE- - I haven't either and I'm more than okay with it!

  3. I love how you started and ended with the same phrase, helping us to see that phrase's impact on your feelings and reactions.