Friday, March 23, 2018

A Big Heavy Problem (SOL18 #23)

My husband and I just began the renovation process on our master bathroom. After a whirlwind of demolition on Tuesday we ended the day with one big, heavy problem. The old cast iron tub. 

After doing what I do best...googling of course, I found that most people break a cast iron tub apart to get it out of the house without breaking their backs trying to carry it out. My husband on the other hand had different a different plan. Since the tub was still in pretty good condition, he was determined to take the tub out in one piece. 

Days of discussion followed. I presented my side, he said, "I think we can just get some of my friends over and get it out in one piece." Back and forth we went. I presented logical arguments calmly, and he listened, but still wanted to do it the way that would give the tub a chance at a new life. (He has such a good heart.) 

I don't win often, but I won tonight.  

Goodbye, old tub. 

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