Sunday, March 11, 2018

Deja Vu (SOL18 #11)

Deja Vu.

A couple of years ago around this time my husband and I began to remodel on basement bathroom. I struggled to choose fixtures, tile, and colors. When I say I struggled, I truly struggled. I stink at making decisions, and would love it if someone else made all the choices for me. 
Here were are again except we are no longer working on the basement bathroom, but beginning the process of remodeling the master bathroom. 

Again, I am feeling all the stress as we walk around the big box stores looking for the perfect tile, perfect vanity, and perfect fixtures. 

All I want is for Chip and Joanna to come up to Chicago and create the bathroom of my dreams. (The dreams I cannot even begin to imagine)


  1. That would be hard for me. If they could just come and remodel my whole house that would be great! I am sure you will make it awesome! Good Luck!

  2. My family and I repainted our den using a color from Fixer Upper paints. You too can channel your inner Joanna!

  3. If only! Let me know if you need any help making decisions. I LOVE home decor!