Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cherish the Small Moments (SOL16 #15)

The purpose of this SOL challenge is to find those small moments in your life and write about them. The posts that have come out as a result of this challenge are amazing. You can feel the emotions of every writer as they take you on a journey of a memory.

Today I found out that a good friend of mine lost her mother. Her mother had been bravely battling cancer for the past few years. My heart breaks for her. Losing someone you love is painful. A deep pain that you feel deep within your heart. Now, what my friend has to look back on are those small moments with her mom. The ones that made her laugh, the ones that made her cry, and everything in between. Those moments will bring her comfort in a time when it seems like her world is upside down.

As someone who has lost a person that I loved so deeply, I know how important it is to cherish all of those moments, no matter how small. Those moments that seemed so insignificant at the time will be the ones you look back on to remember that person.So cherish and be present in each of your small moments. Those moments will mean something bigger someday.  

This is two days of heavy posts from me. Tomorrow will be a happy one. I promise! 


  1. Such true words. The small moments become treasured memories.

  2. So very true, and so eloquently said.

  3. Totally agree, those small moments are life itself!

    I sometimes find myself wanting to save small moments, so then I get my phone out to either jot something down or take a video, but then I feel like I'm ruining it!