Thursday, March 10, 2016

ABC's of Me (SOL16 #10)

ABC's of Me

A- Anxious. Although I try to play it cool, I am a very anxious type of person. I can overthink everything and work myself into a tizzy.

B- Bossy. I can be kind of a boss. I like things done in a particular way, and sometimes use my teacher voice/language at home to communicate. That typically does not go over well. Not even with my dog. 

C- Cook. I love to cook! I never thought in a million years that I would say that, but it's true. My top three dishes (according to my husband) are: Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and Lasagna. **not all at the same time though**

D- Disorganized. As much as I try not to be, I am extremely disorganized. There sometimes is a method to my mess, but most of the time there isn't. 

E-Encouraging- I try to be a positive, encouraging person in my family and friend's lives. I like to make people feel good about themselves and try to find the bright side in every situation.

F-Finnish- By association... My last name means Finland in Finnish. My husband's family is very proud of their Finnish heritage. 

G- Gilmore Girls Fanatic- This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The snappy, quick dialogue makes me laugh each time I watch the series. I am beyond excited for the reboot on Netflix. 

H-Humor- I love to laugh and make people laugh. I'm often the sarcastic member of the crew who inserts witty comments when possible. Sometimes they are welcome, sometimes they are just tolerated. 

I-Intelligent- I have my Bachelors of Science degree from Illinois State University as a Learning and Behavioral Specialist. I just earned my Master's Degrees from Concordia University Chicago in Differentiated Instruction. 

J-Jingles-When I'm driving home from work I listen to talk radio. I used to think talk radio was for "old people," but I guess I turned into one of them. On talk radio they have lots of commercials that have jingles. Most people are annoyed by them, but I like to sing along with the jingles. 

K-Kathleen- My given name is Kathleen, but I was always called Katie. I was named after my aunt who passed away when she was 12. 

L-Loud- I'm told that I have a very loud voice. I claim it's my teacher voice, but it comes out even when I'm not teaching.

M- Maiden- My dog Maiden is an important member of my family. She has taught me patience and makes me laugh every day. 

N- Narrow- I have always had long, narrow feet. This makes shoe shopping difficult and one of my least favorite things to do.

O- Observant- I notice the small things. I like to people watch and learn as much as I can about others. 

P- Practical- Sometimes overly practical. For the last five years my husband and I have talked about vacationing to somewhere exotic and getting away from the midwest. Unfortunately, my practicality makes me see the importance of paying off bills and renovating our home over having an adventure. Eventually I am going to have to stop being so practical while planning for our future and start living in the moment. 

Q-Quiet- I enjoy the peace and quiet in my house on a Saturday morning when no one is around. I use my quiet time to relax and catch up with reading.

R-Relax- My favorite place to relax is on the dock of a lake in Northern Minnesota. We have a small cabin up there and spend our summers enjoying time together. 

S-Sisu- SIsu means resilience in Finnish. It is often said Suomi Sisu is a general characteristic of Finnish people. I like to think that I have adopted this mantra in my own life. 

T- Talkative- I LOVE to talk. In tee-ball my coaches gave superlative awards to each of the team members. My trophy says "Katie Hull, most talkative." I treasure that trophy to this day.

U- Understanding- There are not enough people in this world who show empathy to each other. I try my best to be understanding of other people because they may be fighting a battle that you know nothing about.

V- Value- I value my family, friends, and career. 

W-Winning- I love to win. Any game, any time. I can be over overly competitive at times, but I do try to be a good sport.  

X- X-tra awesome- I hate Xs. 

Y- Yummy- One of my favorite things to do is try yummy new foods. The more I experiment with foods, the more of a foodie I become. 

Z- Zany- My humor can be a bit zany. 

WHEW... That was hard.


  1. What a fun post! I might just try it out...despite your comment about how it was hard!

  2. What a neat post! All of these great words and descriptions. (I love what you did with X. That's always one of the hardest.)

  3. I love this idea. This might be one of those that takes a while to compose, but I so want to do this. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  4. This was a good one katie! I want to try some of your recipes!
    When I read about your narrow feet, I was reminded of one of my friends - she has double wide feet!
    and your response to Xs had me lol-ing :-)

  5. Great use of the ABC's to describe yourself and invite us into a piece of your life!!!